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Tashamel is a lifestyle brand for Toddlers and little kids we love. It’s an unforgiving,stylish with Sustainable and affordable fashion for children between the ages of 0 Months-14 years old. Our designers put in so much passion in putting together lovely fabrics in creating outstanding ,stylish yet affordable , no breaking bank outfit for the kids we all love to see happy and have an image of who they want to be in future. The collection which includes both clothing and Accessories is all about timeless design with a modern twist, sustainability and creating customer value.


As parents, aunties ,uncles, we all want the best for our kids, nephews and nieces. Tashamel is here to prove the best doesn't have to break the bank. In addition to delivering great daily deals, we are also dedicated to our shoppers' satisfaction. In fact, we're using the latest social network and big data technologies so we can forever improve the online shopping experience. From the moment you begin browsing Tashamel to your first delivery, we care. That's why we've adopted a rigorous three-step system to ensure each and every order meets our high quality and safety standards.

Our Quality Guarantee

Safety and quality are of the utmost importance to us. From the manufacturer to your doorstep, we go above and beyond what's legally required to ensure each product meets our high-quality standards.